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Find the right fit for every user, every environment.

The Howard Leight Hearing Protector Selector makes it easy to choose the appropriate earplug or earmuff for your situation. Simply identify your requirements and preferences, and we’ll recommend a range of solutions.

Start with Hearing Protection Basics to learn more about the factors involved in selecting earplugs and earmuffs. Or jump right into the Hearing Protector Selector and compare results!

Environmental Concerns


Hot Climates - In hot/humid environments, workers may be most comforatble in earplugs or Bands.

Cold Climates - Colder climates generally require earmuffs to protect from both exposure to hazorous noise and inclement weather.


Multiple-Use earplugs may be a solution if workers can store earplugs between shifts. Cases can help store hearing protection when not in use.


Hygiene - If hygiene presents a problem for reuse, consider Single-Use earplugs.

Dirty Environments - For employees who work in dirty environments, choose Multiple-Use earplugs, which prevent dirt transfering from the fingers to the earplug.


Certain sites, such as those located outdoors or in low lighting, require that workers use brightly colored high-visibility products to improve overall employee safety.

Other PPE

Avoid compromising overall worker safety when utilizing other types of personal protection equipment [PPE].

Eliminate interference by using corded earplugs, Bands or ultraslim Neckband earmuffs.
Some frames can cause a gap between the head and earmuffs. Single-Use of Multiple-Use or Banded earplugs are ideal
Use cap-mounted earmuffs when possible. For full-brim hard hats, select Multiple-Position or Neckband earmuffs, or banded earplugs
Choose earplugs, or ultraslim earmuffs that allow clearance between earcup and hood.

Type of Noise

Constant - For continuous exposure to hazardous noise, use Single-Use or Multiple-Use earplugs.

Intermittent - In and out of noise? Use Banded earplugs for easy on and off.

Impact - Electronic earmuffs can help manage impulse/impact noise, limiting ambient sound amplification to safe levels, revert to passive protection when noise reaches unsafe levels.


Avoid Overprotecting - Select products with attenuation levels suited for your workers application, especially in marginal noise environments. Too much attenuation may put some workers at additional risk, especially in low levels of hazardous noise.

Choice and Training - Offer a true variety of earplugs and earmuffs, and train workers how to identify hazardous noise and select apprpriate protection.


Requirements + Preferences



An economical and convenient choice for work situations that demand a high degree of comfort, frequent changes, or where hygiene presents a problem for reuse.


Ideal for environments where workers can retain and store earplugs for reuse over time - reducing waste and saving money.


Ideal for workers who are intermittently exposed to noise and/or frequently remove their earplugs, these earplugs include a patented band that prevents the pods from touching surfaces when set down.


Certain industries, including Food & Beverage Processing, Pulp & Paper, and Tobacco Processing, require earplugs with visual and/or metal detectability features to prevent process contamination.

Small Sizes

Workers with smaller ear canals should be fitted with low-pressure foam Single-Use earplugs or Multiple-Use earplugs in smaller sizes.


In many environments, workers need to remove their earplugs during the course of a day's work Howard Leight offers a wide selection of products with cords that make removing and refitting more convenient, and reduce lost earplugs.


For large and small operations, dispensers offer an economical, convenient and user-friendly source for hearing protection.



Wearing Position

Cap-Mounted - ideal for use with hardhats.

Neckband - compatible with hardhats, as well as with face shields and visors.

Multiple-Position - can be positioned over or behind the head or under the chin for maximum flexibility.


Increase employee motivation and productivity by offering AM/FM radio earmuffs. Howard Leight radio earmuffs do double duty by blocking hazardous noise and providing superior radio sound quality.

Sound Management

Sometimes blocking sound isn't enough. You need to block noise out and let information in. Certain Howard Leight earplugs and earmuffs use patented passive and electronic technologies that block out noise while allowing alarms, warnings and even co-workers' voice frequencies to be heard more naturally.


Working under conditions with dielectric requirements? Several Howard Leight earmuffs feature a robust non-deforming dielectric construction that withstands use and abuse, while protecting your workers in electrical environments.




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