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Unlike other injuries, there is no visible evidence of noise-induced hearing loss [NIHL]. It is not traumatic or usually even noticed when it occurs. Rather, hearing impairment accumulates over time, its effects realized long after the damage has been done. Worse, noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and irreversible. However, with proper education, it is 100% preventable.


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Dual Protection
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No. 2-NA-US
Earmuffs and Safety Eyewear
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No. 3-NA-US
Earplug Fitting Tips
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No. 4-NA-US
Earplug Selection Tips
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A- and C- Weighted Noise Measurements
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No. 6-NA-US
Ototoxic Chemical Exposures
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Arc Flash Protection
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Radio Earmuffs & Noise Exposure



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