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Honeywell Announces Hearing Conservation Toolbox Mobile Application

One-Stop Information Resource for Workplace Hearing Safety for Use on Apple iPad®

SMITHFIELD, R.I., Nov 12, 2015 — Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a major concern of safety managers, affecting approximately 22 million U.S. workers and costing $242 million annually in workers’ compensation, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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Howard Leight Introduces Impact Sport Ultraslim Sound Amplification Earmuffs

Howard Leight has introduced a new ultraslim sound amplification earmuff specifically designed for use in intermittent and impact noise environments. Impact Sport sound amplification earmuffs incorporate high-tech patented electronics that amplify ambient sounds up to a safe 82 dBA, while at the same time providing NRR 22 protection against hazardous noise. This allows wearers to stay connected with their environment while their hearing is protected.

What Purchasing Needs to Know About Hearing Conservation

The ultimate focus of Purchasing is on the bottom line. But often, getting what's best for less involves an understanding of products and processes far beyond pricing and volume discounts. This is particularly true in the case of hearing protection devices (HPDs), where making sound OSHA-compliant purchasing decisions requires an understanding of both the risks of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and of the conservation products and programs designed to mitigate it.

New Howard Leight Accessories Improve Earmuff Convenience and Comfort

Hearing protection leader Howard Leight has introduced two new accessories for its broad line of earmuffs: a Polar Hood™, specifically designed to be worn with earmuffs, which ensures optimal attenuation for workers exposed to cold climates who also require hearing protection; and the Slim Belt Clip designed to provide handy storage when earmuffs are not in use.

New Thunder T2HV Hi-Visibility Earmuffs from Howard Leight Provide Double Protection Day and Night

When jobsites are outdoors, at night or in inclement weather, or anywhere in low light conditions, workers are exposed to increased safety hazards in addition to noise. Incorporating high-visibility earcups and reflective headbands to provide visual protection, along with a completely dielectric construction, Howard Leight® Thunder® T2HV Hi-Visibility earmuffs provide workers with a total solution for hearing protection and visibility in electrical environments.

New Howard Leight Ads Urge Safety Managers to "Never Compromise" on Hearing Conservation

Howard Leight by Sperian has launched a new ad campaign advising safety managers to "Never Compromise" on their Hearing Conservation Programs. The new campaign stresses taking a concerted, people-oriented program approach to hearing conservation, and uses real workers as examples.

New Howard Leight Clarity Multiple-Use Earplugs Enhance Communication and Worker Safety

Designed to keep workers connected to their environment without compromising protection, Howard Leight's new Clarity® multiple-use earplugs improve worker safety and communication by blocking hazardous noise while allowing voice and signal frequencies to be heard more naturally. Utilizing Bilsom® Technology's patented Sound Management Technology™ (SMT), the Clarity earplug delivers uniform attenuation that blocks low and medium frequency noise while enhancing the perception of higher voice and warning signal frequencies without distortion.

Howard Leight Launches First Ever Online Hearing Protector Selector With New Website
Smithfield, RI -- Howard Leight takes Hearing Conservation to the next level with the launch of its new global howardleight.com. The new site offers visitors a 360-degree experience in fit, selection, protection and motivation, with a variety of content and technology, including product information, best practices in Hearing Conservation and the industry's first Hearing Protector Selector.
Hearing Protector Wear-Time Evaluation Wheel Tool Available

Many noise-exposed workers fail to realize how damaging it can be to remove their hearing protection even for a few minutes. A new wear-time evaluation tool, available free from Howard Leight by Sperian, can help alert them to this danger. The device is a simple disc, one side of which identifies the optimal amount of attenuation a hearing protection device (HPD) will provide over an eight-hour shift if it is removed for various lengths of time. The reverse side of the Wear-Time Evaluator offers advice on selecting the proper hearing protector.

New VeriPRO Technology from Howard Leight Measures Real-World Attenuation of Earplugs

New VeriPRO® technology just introduced by Howard Leight now makes it possible for safety managers to ensure employees are getting the most out of their hearing protection devices. Developed in conjunction with the House Ear Institute (www.hei.org), VeriPRO measures real-world attenuation of unmodified earplugs and can be used as a means to improve individual employee training and enhance the overall effectiveness of hearing conservation programs.

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